Why Thomas Jefferson Declared war on Islam

Most people today are totally unaware that America declared war on Islam about 200 years ago.


In the 18th century muslim pirates were terrorizing the Mediterranean and the north atlantic In my previous video, the lie of the white slave trade, I mentioned the barbary slave trade and how muslims captured and enslaved 1.5 million europeans. The muslim pirates I’m talking about here are the same people. They attacked ships and held the crews for ransom. The hostages were subjected to barbaric treatment and wrote heart breaking letters home begging their government and family to pay whatever their captors demanded.



The lie of the white slave trade

Slavery is quite an upsetting topic for many. In school I started learning about african slavery at a very young age. I was first taught about it in grade 3. When black history month rolled around my black teacher ms davis ranted about how whites enslaved blacks and we should feel bad. Later on in grade 6 they made us read this book in class about an african slave girl who was taken from her homeland by white slavers to be abused by southern redneck slave masters. Ms Davis, other black activists and my school’s history books were quite inaccurate. Unfortunately, many white people are infected by this mental disease known as white guilt.

Many black activists and guilty whites outright deny that Africans sold their own people into slavery even though there is a lot of undeniable evidence. In fact, africans were enslaving each other for thousands of years even before the US was formed and many countries in africa still practice slavery today. Tippu Tip was a world famous black slave trader in Zanzibar. The Luo people captured other africans in war and sold them to slavery. Barack Obama himself is descended from the Luo people by the way. There are in fact more africans enslaved in africa today, than in all of US history.

I talk all about this stuff and more in my recent video posted above.


Here’s why fat acceptance is bullshit

Fuck fat acceptance. fat33