Why Thomas Jefferson Declared war on Islam

Most people today are totally unaware that America declared war on Islam about 200 years ago.


In the 18th century muslim pirates were terrorizing the Mediterranean and the north atlantic In my previous video, the lie of the white slave trade, I mentioned the barbary slave trade and how muslims captured and enslaved 1.5 million europeans. The muslim pirates I’m talking about here are the same people. They attacked ships and held the crews for ransom. The hostages were subjected to barbaric treatment and wrote heart breaking letters home begging their government and family to pay whatever their captors demanded.



The lie of the white slave trade

Slavery is quite an upsetting topic for many. In school I started learning about african slavery at a very young age. I was first taught about it in grade 3. When black history month rolled around my black teacher ms davis ranted about how whites enslaved blacks and we should feel bad. Later on in grade 6 they made us read this book in class about an african slave girl who was taken from her homeland by white slavers to be abused by southern redneck slave masters. Ms Davis, other black activists and my school’s history books were quite inaccurate. Unfortunately, many white people are infected by this mental disease known as white guilt.

Many black activists and guilty whites outright deny that Africans sold their own people into slavery even though there is a lot of undeniable evidence. In fact, africans were enslaving each other for thousands of years even before the US was formed and many countries in africa still practice slavery today. Tippu Tip was a world famous black slave trader in Zanzibar. The Luo people captured other africans in war and sold them to slavery. Barack Obama himself is descended from the Luo people by the way. There are in fact more africans enslaved in africa today, than in all of US history.

I talk all about this stuff and more in my recent video posted above.


Here’s why fat acceptance is bullshit

Fuck fat acceptance. fat33



Are all white men serial killers?

The media loves to point the finger at whitey sayin’ all psycho serial killers are white, but is that true? Hell no.

Serial Killer Statistics


List of Serial Killers mentioned in the video

  1. John Wayne Gacy – sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois.
  2. Ted Bundy – was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier.
  3. Jeffrey Dahmer – was an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991
  4. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd – committed murders in connection with the Beltway sniper attacks in the Washington Metropolitan Area over a three-week period in October 2002.
  5. Grim Sleeper – who killed people in the early 70s and late 80s just was captured because his son got arrested and cops got a partial DNA on that cold case.
  6. Coral Eugene Watts –  targeted white women and murdered over 100 of them.
  7. Kendall Francois – 500lb Haitian who killed women with acid
  8. Chester Turner – raped and killed 13 women.
  9. Elton M Jackson – killed 12 gay men
  10. Mohammed Adam Omar – killed 16 women in yemen
  11. Vaughn Greenwood –  killed 11 people
  12. Wayne Williams – killed 33 people many of which were children
  13. Hifi murders – 3 black men tortured 5 people  and raped the teenage girl held hostage in a hifi shop
  14. Zebra Murders – ZCX simon and his cult of racist black muslims who called themselves the death angels have killed 135 white men, 75 white women and 60 white children
  15. Bryce Williams – shot his ex coworkers on live television.  
  16. Darrius Dante McNeil – North Panola Shooting
  17. J’morian Bell – West Organge Highschool Shooter
  18. Trey Foster – Lone Star Shooter
  19. Michael McNabb and Stephen Gilbert – Chicago State University shooters
  20. Sean Johnson – St Louis career college shooter
  21. Christopher Lamont Richardson – Carver highschool shooter
  22. Juana Barraza –  was a mexican professional wrestler who killed over 49 elderly women.
  23. Credonia Mwerinde – was a cult leader in Uganda. She killed 700 of her cult’s members
  24. Sara Maria Aldrete – cult leader who performed human sacrifices and then ate her victims.
  25. Elizabeth Bathory – killed 500 women in the 1500s
  26. Debra Brown – killed 8 people
  27. Clementine Barnabet – Voodoo priestess who killed 10 people with an axe

Black Serial Killers I didn’t mention in the video

  1. Henry Louis Wallace – killed 10 women
  2. Matthew Emmanuel Macon – Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing
  3. Michael Vernon – killed 5
  4. Shelly Brooks – Murdered 7 prostitutes
  5. Ivan Hill – killed 6 in Los Angeles area
  6. Justin Blackshere – stabbed 2 cooks
  7. Donald E. Younge – Killed and raped 4 women
  8. Jervon Miguel Coleman – Killed 3 people
  9. Terry Blair – killed and raped 8 women
  10. Richmond spree murders – blacks murdered an entire white family
  11. Lorenzo Gilyard – killed 13

There are more, will add them tomorrow.

Why You Shouldn’t Donate to 3rd World Countries

Song used in the video

 Foreign Aid Stats

  • America spent 35 million on Foreign aid in 2014
  • $8.4 billion was used towards global health programs
  • $5.9 billion was used for foreign military financing
  • $4.6 billion was used for economic support
  • $2.5 billion was used for development assistance
  • Approximately 76% of the world received some form of economic assistance  nr1.pngS

Sub Saharan Africa Facts

Some Articles I found useful and interesting while making this video



Feminists are to blame for the Migrant Crisis in Europe

This is probably my favourite video yet, I feel quite strongly about this subject. Here are my sources and stuff:

Link to the original videos I cut and used in my video

  1.  Cologne Victim Speaks Out
  2. Jess Phillips on Cologne Crisis
  3. Migrant attacking woman
  4. Feminist freaks out over abortion
  5.  Feminists love islamists


News Link Sources I used as screenshots in my video

Genetic Differences Between White males vs other races

Rape Culture is a MYTH

Feminists live in fear that rape has become such a normalized occurrence that it has become a widespread ideology called rape culture.

Rape culture is a term that was coined by feminists in the United States in the 1970’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sexual violence.

The West demonizes accused rapists the same as they demonize other criminals. this man was falsely accused of rape and his life was almost ruined. Same with this man.

California colleges to make proving innocence a punishable offence article.

Many women lie about rape, too to get unfortunate men in trouble.

American Rape Stats 

According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_in_the_United_States

FBI sex offense victims in 2012:[9]

  • 67,354 female
  • 12,000 male.

FBI convicted sex offenders in 2012:[10]

  • 78,500 male
  • 4394 female.

Out of America’s population of 300 million if there was a rape epidemic like the feminists claim wouldn’t there be more victims and more rapists? If 1 in 5 women are getting sexually assaulted like they claim there would be more stats to back that up.

Compare that to South Africa’s rape statistics

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_violence_in_South_Africa


source for the above pic

How to protect yourself from rape

There’s only one way to prevent future sexual assaults no matter where you are in the world. You have to protect yourself with some kind of weapon and take precautions that will keep you out of danger. Women in america use guns 200,000 times a year to defend themselves against attackers. You can find some more American gun facts on this wonderful site.